American dystopia enters 2021 amid political grudge as 160 die hourly from Covid-19

WASHINGTON: Around 160 Americans die every hour from Covid-19 and related causes as the year of deep mistrust and suffering ended Thursday, with the United States racking up new records of infections, hospitalizations and deaths due to the coronavirus pandemic. Immunization rates are below the expected curve, many people are partying like there is no tomorrow, and indeed, for some, there is none.
Deaths are expected to exceed 4,000 a day in January given the late December holidays, and although many young people are anxious to jump in 2021, some of the elderly are dying alone in hospitals and nursing homes. Their stories don’t make headlines beyond the bald stats – unless they’re rich and famous. Official data on deaths in 2020 likely won’t be released until early 2022, but more Americans are estimated to have died in 2020 than any other year in history, with the coronavirus pushing it to more than 3 million for the first time.
The American dystopia is made worse by a period of resentment in Washington DC. With 20 days for a newly elected president and vice-president to be sworn in on January 20, 2021, the element of mistrust is so great in the political arena that the incoming leadership is changing their security details with worthy suspicions. a fratricide. the monarchy, and the outgoing dispensation accuses the country’s highest court of being part of a death cult. A good year will not be for the United States of America – or divided -. At least not the first or the first three weeks.
The defeated and divisive president of the country, Donald Trump, has interrupted his vacation in Florida – during which he played golf every day – and returned to the capital after tweeting in all caps His surrogates are expected to be and he himself are making efforts to overturn the election results which they have called into question with a relentless campaign of lies, lies and lies. there was widespread fraud in the election, but the president appears determined to torch established traditions and precedents before being kicked out of the White House.
Typical of the insane conspiratorial folks the president has now surrounded himself with, a prominent pro-Trump lawyer on Thursday threw a volley of Twitter grenades at the country’s Chief Justice John Roberts, a Tory who happens to have voted against causes dear to the nation. Trump’s MAGA devotees. . “You are recorded discussing Judge Scalia’s successor before the date of his sudden death. How did you know Scalia was going to die? attorney, Lin Wood asked Roberts in a tweet, adding, “Are you a member of any club or cabal that requires underage children as an initiation fee?”
The mistrust and mistrust that has infected U.S. politics was illustrated again Thursday by reports that new President Joe Biden is changing his Secret Service contact details to filter out elements his team believes to be Trump loyalists. A senior Secret Service official, who is expected to be non-partisan, has joined the White House as a political adviser and there have been cases of other uniformed staff asking for Trump.
Trump has repeatedly praised and denounced law enforcement personnel and men and women in uniform during his presidency and liberals and progressives feel this has emboldened racists and white supremacists among the staff in uniform.
Grudge and bitterness in the political arena is expected to peak on January 6 when a joint session of Congress meets to formally approve the electoral votes and declare the election of the new president and vice-president. But what was widely seen as a formality should now turn into a spectacle with a handful of Trump loyalists forcing a showdown and even a formal vote – even if that means breaking down the Grand Old Party, which the congressional leadership has recognized Joe Biden for. as a winner.
In nomenclature familiar to political party divisions in India, lawmakers such as Josh Hawley (R-Trump), who plans to challenge the Jan.6 process, are called Trump Republicans.