Amarillo City Health Officials Discuss COVID-19 Variants | News

BSA chief medical officer Dr Michael Lamanteer said they had only had two patients suspected of having a variant of COVID-19. “The first concern did not turn out to be a variant and the second case is pending. It is not a shock. It is not a surprise. Dr Weis mentioned the number of cases that have been documented in Texas. The variants are probably already there, ”said Dr Lamanteer

Northwest Texas Hospital chief medical officer Dr Brian Weis said there were no confirmed variants at Northwest, but there were still cases pending. “We’re ready to deal with what could be a form of surge, not as dramatic as the two we’ve seen so far of these variants which are a little more contagious and unfortunately a little more dangerous,” said Dr. Weis.

Dr Weis said it was only a matter of time before the variants became more prominent in the community. Dr Lamanteer said these variants wouldn’t really matter for people who are vaccinated, but it could certainly matter for people who aren’t vaccinated.

“I think it’s very likely that we’ve had variations here for a while. I’m just thankful that we were able to vaccinate as many people as we did because I think it helped us, ”said Dr Weis. Dr Scott Milton, Amarillo Public Health Authority, said we should assume the variants have been here.

More information on According to Dr Lamanteer and Dr Weis, cases of COVID-19 considered to be variants should be tested in a special laboratory, as the state considers.


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  • Amarillo City Health Officials Discuss COVID-19 Variants | News
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