Allu Aravind clarifies Covid-19 rumors

Producer Allu Aravind has tested positive for covid19 and the news has left his friends and colleagues in the industry quite worried. Today, Aravind himself posted a video on social media clarifying some rumors around him. Rumors were circulating that Allu Arvind contracted the virus even after taking the two doses of the vaccine.

Reacting to this, he said in a video – “I speak today to clarify that, yes, I have tested positive for covid19. But people say I got coronavirus even after taking two doses of the vaccine, which is not true. I took the first dose and walked out of town with my two friends. We realized later that we have all been contracted with the virus ”.

“One of the two friends and I have taken the vaccine, but the other friend has not yet taken the vaccine. He therefore suffered from a high fever for nearly three days and is currently hospitalized. Let me tell you, a person who is vaccinated will have more immunity and the body will fight much harder than those who did not. In fact, I am a live example, ”said Allu Aravind.

He added, “People can get covid even after taking a vaccine, but it won’t be intense. So I urge everyone to get vaccinated. It will definitely save your life ”. Currently, the Supreme Geetha Arts is isolating himself in his residence.

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