‘All my MP funds are gone, I have to set aside Rs 5 crore from the film’; About Suresh Gopi

Jose Thomas about Suresh Gopi

Image: Facebook

SuDirector Jose Thomas responds to those who insult Resh Gopi MP. Jose says that those who insult Suresh Gopi by calling him a dunghill do not know about his acts of kindness. In his YouTube video, he talks about his relationship with Suresh Gopi for more than 30 years and his politics.

‘When Suresh Gopi joined a political party, he was subjected to many insults. Those who applauded the commissioner and Ekalavyan insulted Suresh with words like ‘Chanakasanghi’. Such people claim that those who do not believe in the politics or religion I believe in are pure criminals. None of this hurts Suresh. He will continue his activities.

‘There is a word he said when he spoke recently. ‘All my MP funds are gone. Rs 5 crore should be set aside for charity from the upcoming films. ‘ See those we love and love as human beings. Let them believe in any religion or party. Don’t look down on them. ‘

Suresh Gopi is introduced on the set of Shaji Kailas’ news movie. Jose says they have been close friends ever since. The two later came together in the film Sundara Purushan. He recalled that everyone was skeptical that Suresh Gopi would play a full-length comedy and took it as a challenge. Suresh Gopi’s lack of film is due to the propaganda that he is being strictly paid by the producers. But he used the money for charitable activities. But Jose said he never did any of this and that was his personality.