Akshaye Khanna on his films, sabbaticals, career and more: “Who wants to stay home? I love being on the set ‘

Akshaye Khanna is without a doubt one of the most nuanced and subtle actors we have today. He is also someone who does not impose himself on his characters, but who becomes one with each character he represents on the screen. The man who gave us Dil Chahta Hai’s Sid – the ultimate incubator, the one with a high emotional quotient, turns 46 today.

On Akshaye’s birthday, we’re revisiting one of the first interviews we did with the actor that tells the story of his ingenuity and a natural panache for the game.

By bringing a little of himself to his characters

Akshaye, who initially wanted to play Aakash in Dil Chahta Hai, ended up playing Siddharth in the film, a person who was not the typical on-screen man-child (whom we often saw in our films), but someone who was emotional. , mature and reserved.

It has been twenty years since Dil Chahta Hai came out, but the film is still hotly mentioned today. About playing such a hard-hitting role in such a fun movie like Dil Chahta Hai, and part of his personality spilling out into Sid, Akshaye had said, “I don’t analyze my work as such, but I do. love to hear when people talk about my work. You bring a little bit of yourself to every character you make, there’s no escaping it. This is my personal opinion, I could be wrong. It’s only natural, it’s your body, your mind, your face attached to the character. “

Don’t stick to one genre

Akshaye has never stuck to a genre, in fact, according to him, the actor’s only job is to redefine himself onscreen. He played all characters with equal conviction, whether it was the shallow Shiven of Salaam-e-Ishq or the police officer Dev Verma, of Ittefaq.

The actor says: “Gender is intangible, audiences have a preference, an actor shouldn’t. Some of the best writers and directors gave me such fantastic roles, they didn’t limit me, so why should I.

Be away from the movies

During his twenty-four-year, two-long break career, Akshaye has always been picky about his roles. The actor said, “Who doesn’t want to be associated with the best writing, the best talent, the best director there is? It’s the whole course, it’s the only important thing – working with the best. “

After 2012, Akshaye took a four-year sabbatical, after which everyone thought it was the end of Khanna’s career. Bouncing back, the actor had expressed how traumatic the breakup was for him.

He had said, “I don’t want to think about those years when I took breaks. It was not a pleasant time in my life, I am not a person who likes to stay at home, I like to work. But there will be times, times of testing, times when you don’t get the job you want to be a part of, so (you have to) stay home. Who wants to stay at home? I’ve been working since I was nineteen, I don’t know anything else. I love being on set. Like.”

Being without a career plan

But Akshaye still doesn’t have a plan, he never had one, he never strategized for his career and just wanted to be a part of good movies. Of his future plans never being chalked, the actor said, “No plans. Go with the flow. This is the plan. “

Akshaye Khanna was last seen in Section 375 in 2019. We wish the talented artist a very happy birthday.