Akhtar wants India to win series in Australia under Rahane

Karachi: Former Pakistan fast bowler Shoaib Akhtar has said that he wants to see India win the Test series in Australia under Ajinkya Rahane. In an interview with India Today, Akhtar said that India had come out of defeat in Adelaide with a resounding victory in Melbourne.

I had told some friends in Delhi. If India’s batting clicks and the midfield shines, India have every chance of winning the series in Australia. They then told me that I was smuggling a little.

Rahane is calm as a captain. He does not scream or shout on the ground. He does exactly what he does very calmly. Rahane is a cool guy. All the team members under him put out a great performance. Bumrah, Gill and Jadeja all played a crucial role in that.

Did anyone think that 10-15 years ago Australia would be beaten by India or Pakistan in their home country? It’s happening now. I look forward to seeing India win the series in Australia under Rahane. Akhtar said Rahane’s century in the Melbourne Test was a turning point in the series.

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Last Updated 31, Dec 2020, 8:54 PM