AK Balan rejects Tharoor’s wife Jameela’s contest tarur assembly constituency-P K Jameela

Palakkad: The CPM is considering fielding Tharoor’s wife KP Jameela to replace Minister AK Balan in the assembly constituency. The CPM district secretariat, which convened today, discussed the matter. After the secretariat meeting, AK Balan said that it cannot be said that KP Jameela is contesting without taking a decision of the party.

He added that he would tell if the party takes a decision. Tharoor is looking for a replacement for Balan after Balan completed four terms. KP Jameela, a former director of the health department, is currently working in a private medical college.

Balan has been contesting in the reserved constituency of Tharoor since 2011 after the constituency reshuffle. In 2016, Balan entered the Assembly for the fourth time, defeating C. Prakash of the Congress by 23068 votes.