Airhostess above Burj; Do not disbelieve, what is seen is reality; Watch the video | Emirates Airline cabin crew members viral stunt atop Burj Khalifa

Dubai: Everyone who watched the video released by Emirates Airlines on social media yesterday was amazed. The video shows Emirates Air Hostess standing on top of Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building, and posters thanking Britain for removing the UAE from its travel ban list.

When the air hostess finished showing the posters, the drone camera zoomed out and clearly showed them standing on top of the Burj. As the video spread, everyone wondered if this was the original video, or of the woman in the guise of an airhostess at the top of the Burj. Many people shared this on social media.

The video production company itself has come up with an explanation in this regard. The company claims that this is an original video and starring Nicole Smith Ludwick, a skydiver. Ludwig shared a video on Instagram saying that it was one of the most amazing and exciting stunts he had ever done.

Ludwig describes himself as a traveler, skydiver, yoga instructor, hiker and adventurer. The production company has described her as the bravest woman on earth, having grown up with incredible adventure. As the video went viral, their followers on social media increased sharply.

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