Ahaana Krishna says she didn’t blame anyone after argument over Prithviraj movie

According to reports, Ahaana’s father and actor Krishna Kumar had recently alleged that she was withdrawn from the distribution of some films after joining the BJP.

Mollywood actor Ahaana Krishna reacted to claims she was removed from the cast of Prithviraj star Bhramam directed by Ravi K Chandran. Speaking to Instagram, Ahaana distanced herself from the controversy by saying she didn’t blame anyone. According to media reports, it was Ahaana’s father and actor Krishna Kumar, who recently joined the BJP, who said his daughter was removed from the cast of the film Prithviraj due to her ties to the National Party.

“Keep me away from this (news). I’m not even in the photo, I didn’t blame anyone. Some who have spoken may relate to me, but it is always another person’s opinion. Do not count on me. I have nothing to do with this drama, ”Ahaana said on Instagram Tuesday.

Ahaana also pointed out that she was a huge fan of actor Prithviraj and had too much respect for him.

His response came hours after the production company for the upcoming film, Open Book Productions, clarified that the film’s actors or technicians are not selected based on political inclinations.

“We noticed from the media that Ahaana had been removed from certain films due to political positions. If the allegation meant Bhramam which is produced by Open Book Productions, we totally disagree with that, ”a statement from the production company read.

He also clarified that Ahaana was initially being considered for the film, but she was told that a final decision would be made based on a costume test and a camera test.

“We also told her not to reveal that she was being considered for the film until a final decision was made. Unfortunately, his name has surfaced in some media, ”he adds. The statement further states that after a delay due to Ahaana’s filming schedule for another film, and since obtaining COVID-19, the suit trial and camera test took place on the 10th. January.

However, the director, writer and producer concluded that Ahaana was not suitable for the character. She was also officially informed, the statement added.

“As professionals with over 100 years of combined experience in filmmaking, we believe and take every precaution that the art of filmmaking should be spared from discrimination based on caste, creed, sex, religion. or politics. We are deeply saddened by the assumptions that our film was brought up here, and we also regret that the other members of the cast and crew, including the lead actor, were drawn into the matter, ”the statement said.

He also pointed out that Prithviraj or other members of the crew had nothing to do with the film’s casting decisions.

The film Bhramam is the remake of the Bollywood movie Andhadhun. Actors Raashi Khanna, Unni Mukundan and Mamta Mohandas are the other main actors.