After Anu Rag, Anu said goodbye; Dreams of a lost family | After AnuRag, Anu said goodbye; Dreams of a broken family

Kunnamkulam: A man who knew the tragedy of a woman who did not know him. Tumbati’s dreams and hopes. Anurag, Anuroop A, son of Gopi of Parempatam Konganur Kavil They were separated at that time. Last Sunday, there was a petrol pump near the bottom of the road near Waikiki. Anurag was killed in the accident.

The brother went home and prayed for Rupi. The four-day battle between life and death is over. Then the little boy said goodbye.

Months ago, he lost his job in Kovid Mahamari. The deadline was set for next month നു. Gopi also lost his life in an accident two and a half years ago. And FIG. Gopi Jolly, who was the driver, stopped the vehicle and crossed the road. Today’s bike accident. Gopi, who is physically exhausted, needs help. Wife Anita loses job after husband’s accident Lee could not go either.

It also takes a day to complete the work of the house built on the loan Not over. Post-mortem on the post-mortem of the grandmother. The two were on their way home from Yuri when the accident happened. In the case of. Excessive speed from the opposite direction can cause the bike to lose control. The two trio were hit and run over by another car. Th. The tragic death of a young man whose family hopes were dashed in a village He turned himself into a coconut.