Actress seema g nair explains about saranya sasi’s 1400 square feet home, her reply goes vira | Seema G Nair reveals 1400 sq ft house in Saranya


The problem was very serious as Saranya had cancer. Therefore, her condition is very bad. Earlier I had told her that Kovid had come. With that, the health situation has deteriorated drastically. Seema also revealed that the disease had spread to the spinal cord even after the last surgery.


She was due to be transferred to RCC on June 3 for chemotherapy. But with the arrival of Kovid on May 23, everything changed. Saranya has been in a private hospital for 38 days and it is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the hospital. She also goes through a lot of expenses. “It’s very worrying,” Seema said.


I was told earlier that the medicine she was taking was expensive. Now let’s talk about its price. The price of one pill taken once a day alone is Rs. 6,000. The same pill should be taken three times a day. Then you can consider the cost. Saranya and her family are going through a severe financial crisis.


She is in no position to tell anyone or ask for help anymore. The same can be said about the problem. At the time of leaving the house, many people were asking if they wanted a house of 1400 square feet. That is a very difficult thing to do. Seema G Nair said that such statements were made by people who did not really know the truth behind it.


They had a plan of 9000 square feet. But two people from the United States called themselves at the time. We were asked to give the house a little more comfortable shelter. They said they would provide money or assistance for that. With this, the comfort of the house was increased a little. Seema G Nair, however, said that even if it is discussed, if I ask anyone again, some people will speak against me.


All we can say now is that everyone needs prayer and care. No help is asked. Seema G Nair said that she hopes that those who understand it will be with her. Meanwhile, in an earlier YouTube video, the actress had said many things about Saranya’s health condition. Seema had said that Saranya had undergone a tracheostomy and was receiving oxygen through her throat.


Seema said Kovid had contracted pneumonia and it made the disease worse. This video went viral by the minute. Many had again offered help. Meanwhile, Saranya’s big house and other things were discussed. Questions were raised on social media as to why the financially vulnerable family had put up such a large house. This is what Seema G Nair lost in her reply.