Actress seema g nair about saranya sasi’s health condition, she contracted with covid and pneumonia | Seema G Nair on pneumonia after Kovid and Saranya in ICU on current condition


In the last few days, many people have been calling to inquire about Saranya’s status. I do not always know what to say about her. When it comes to videos like this before, people will tell you what these videos are all about. I do not think so. Seema G Nair said that there is a need to post the video now.


Saranya was admitted to a private hospital in Thiruvananthapuram on the 23rd of last month. After that the disease went into a very serious state. She was then transferred to a ventilator ICU. It was a critical condition then. Seema said she had been in the ventilator ICU for several days.


After that it took a lot of days for Kovid to become negative. Kovid was negative for only ten this month. After that he was brought to the room. Saranya had a high fever after coming to the room. Saranya was shifted back to the ventilator ICU when the fever became severe during the post-covid. All that time went through a serious crisis. Seema says that she breathed in the air and then went to the point where she could not even spit.


That is how Saranya underwent a tracheostomy. Saranya is now being given oxygen through her throat. In the meantime, there was another problem. Saranya contracted pneumonia. Pneumonia is very serious. She was in no condition to take the mucus out at all. One by one, Saranya was going through all the serious illnesses.


We were relieved that the treatment would cost so much. There were no financial problems while undergoing treatment at Sree Chitra. But when Saranya was shifted to a private hospital, the cost of treatment was unaffordable. He was treated there for 36 days. Can you guess the costs there? The hospital can’t be blamed. That’s the way it is there. It provides the best treatment available. Antibiotics also give the price. Seema said there were no more expensive drugs.


Pneumonia came, and Kovid came. A tracheostomy was performed and the ventilator was in the ICU. Bedsore has already started coming. Infection can occur very quickly with the onset of bed sores. Doctors have said that oxygen support should be maximized if you move home. It has also been said that there should be a nurse. Chemo also started yesterday. Unable to move to the hospital immediately, he underwent chemo at the present hospital on the advice of a doctor at the RCC. Saranya cannot speak now that she has had a tracheostomy. Seema G Nair said that she will be able to speak in a few days.


Really don’t know what to do. All the soil under the feet has been removed and now there is a crater. Don’t know what. Everyone should pray on this occasion. Despite all these illnesses, Kovid is still returning to the sanctuary. It’s a question mark. You will still be informed of what needs to be informed. Seema G Nair said that everyone should pray for Saranya.