actress meena shares the happiness of joining drishyam 2 telugu remake set | Back to the set of the scene, actress Meena sharing the joy



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Actress Meena is one of the favorite actresses of South Indian cinema. After a while, Meena returned to Hollywood with Scene 2. The blockbuster film starring the actress again as Rani was a success. Scene 2, which hit Amazon Prime on February 19, was viewed by millions on its first day. The onscreen chemistry between Mohanlal and Meena was once again remarkable.


Following the huge success of Scene 2, everyone is looking forward to the third part of the movie. Meanwhile, Meena is all set to star in the Telugu version of Drishyam 2. Jeethu Joseph is directing the Telugu remake starring Venkatesh. The shooting of the film has started recently.

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Meena shared the joy of joining the set of the film by tagging the cast and crew. Scene 2 Meena returns as her Telugu character Jyothi. George Kutty is Rambabu in Telugu. Esther Anil plays the lead role in Telugu. Antony Perumbavoor is one of the producers of the Telugu version.

Meanwhile, the first part of the scene was a huge success in Telugu. The film was released in Telugu under the title Drishyam. Apart from Telugu, remakes were also released in Tamil, Kannada, Hindi, Sinhala and Chinese. The film was a huge success in most languages.

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