actress ahaana krishna’s reply against a comment on mothers goes viral | Absurdities taught about mothers; Ahana Krishna opens comment under YouTube channel


‘Mom is the only person who renounces dreams and goals for the family – a big salute to all moms’ – this is the comment I saw today below my mom’s YouTube channel. This reaction has really bothered and affected me a lot. Saying that Amma is a person who gives up goals and dreams for her family presents something big, something to be proud of, what an uncomfortable view.


I do not blame the person who shared this comment. This is because everyone is taught to think in this way from an early age.


It has been taught to children since they were four or five years old, from learning the alphabet and learning to sing the national anthem. That is, it teaches this absurdity along with the most important things.


No matter what role you play in the life of a mother, father, brother, sister, wife, husband, girlfriend or boyfriend, you are basically a human being. Flesh and bones, desires and dreams are human beings capable of pursuing it. But please do not allow anyone to believe.


The next time you see any mother giving up her own joys and dreams, you should not salute them, but instead be prepared to love yourself, follow your own dreams, love their aspirations and convince them that the way to make those around you happy is not to give up their own dreams.


My Big Salute to everyone who loves, respects themselves, values ​​their dreams, pursues aspirations, and finds happiness. If I had a primary goal in life, it would be to match all the qualifications I mentioned in the paragraph above, Ahana said.