A student who went to tea died late last night

Gudalur: A 10th class student who went to tea with relatives. Died late. The fifth grader who was with him was also injured. Daughters of Rama Krishna and Kotta Kannam Vyali in Ambala Moola Government High Kokila (15), a 10th class student of the school, is Yumaya Karthika. Rich. Private land in the city of Amman, near the leased violin. The incident took place at around 2 pm on Wednesday. Ranjith Kumar is the daughter of a fifth class student of a private school in Kolhapur. The victim was identified as Anu Vina (10), a resident of Maya Jeeva Priya. When the relatives went to the house of Ravi, they went to the house. It rained heavily. Go to the shed to navigate the rain and keep the light on. And the beloved of life was falling down. Even if you go to a private hospital in Patna immediately. Died in the middle. The government admitted the victim to the hospital.