A seven-year-old boy has been knocked to the ground 27 times by a judo coach in Taiwan

Taipei: A seven-year-old boy has died after being thrown 27 times in a row by a judo coach in Taiwan. The boy, who was unconscious for 70 days following a head injury, died on Wednesday. Only the family name of the child, Hwang, has been released so far. A case was registered against the teacher in early June in the incident.

On April 21, the boy was admitted to Feng Yuan Hospital with severe brain damage. It is reported that the trainer asked other children to train with Hwang before he even learned the basics. The prosecutor told the court that the coach repeatedly threw him to the ground after the boy said the coach was stupid. The child complained several times that he had a headache and had to stop. And vomited. But the trainer continued to kick until the child regained consciousness. The boy’s uncle also attended the class but the coach did not stop him.

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