A rare Picasso picture stolen years ago has been discovered

Athens: A rare painting by legendary painter Pablo Picasso has been found stolen years ago. A picture of a woman’s head that was lost during a robbery at the Athens National Gallery nine years ago was found yesterday.

Also found is a windmill by Dutch painter Pete Mondrine. Three paintings, including these two, were lost during a 2012 robbery at the Athens National Gallery. These images were stolen from their frames. The third picture was later found by police as abandoned by thieves.

The thieves entered the museum, which was heavily guarded, in just seven minutes, bypassing security guards. The incident had made big news globally. Large inquiries were announced but no pictures were found. Meanwhile, Greek police said months ago that they believed the two images were in the country.

The painting was presented to the National Gallery by Picasso himself in 1949. Picasso’s signature is also depicted in a painting he painted ten years ago. Picasso said at the time that he was presenting the film as a mark of respect for the Greek people’s resistance to the Nazis.

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