A keeper in the gallery during the Germany-England battle; Image taken by fans | Euro Cup 2020

London: During the pre-quarter match between Germany and England in the Euro Cup, there was a keeper not only on the ground but also in the gallery. But it was not just the goalkeeper, it was the wicket-keeper in cricket. Indian wicketkeeper-batsman Rishabh Pant arrives in Wembley to watch the match. In Southampton
The Indian cricket team is in the break after the final of the World Test Championship against New Zealand.

Rishabh shared pictures of himself playing with friends on social media. The Indian actor said that it was a good experience with these films. England advanced to the quarter-finals, beating Germany by two goals to nothing.

The Indians were given a 20-day break after the World Test final. Earlier, some players had made it clear that they would spend the holidays watching the Euro Cup and Wimbledon. After the break, the Indian team will play a Test series against England. There are five Test matches in the series.

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