A bottle of Coca-Cola before the penalty shootout, Shaka goes viral after smashing France


Shaqa / photo of teammates talking before penalty shootout: Twitter

Fr.A picture of Shaqa before the penalty shootout after Switzerland’s breakthrough in the NSA is now going viral on social media. The video of Shaka drinking Coca Cola before the penalty shootout that crushed the world champions caught the eye of the fans.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s move to replace Coca – Cola bottles during the Euro Press Conference was the talk of the town. Shaka drinks Coca-Cola before standing up to his teammates with words to excite them before the penalty shootout.

This photo of Cristiano Ronaldo and the trolley later spread on social media. The secret of success has always been Coke and if Cristiano had drank Coca Cola, he would have crossed the quarter now.

The game went into a penalty shootout when they drew 3-3 in extra time. Here, Switzerland won 4-5. Shakka is the star of the game.