A 10-year-old boy has died after being beaten for allegedly stealing sweets

Haveri (Karnataka): A 10-year-old boy has succumbed to his injuries after being brutally beaten by a shopkeeper for stealing sweets. Harishayya succumbed to her injuries after a week of treatment. The incident took place in Haveri, Karnataka. The incident came to light after the hospital footage spread. The incident took place on March 16.

The child’s mother was also abused. Shivarudrappa, the shop owner, and his family brutally beat the boy, accusing him of stealing sweets when he came to buy vegetables. Later the stone brought for construction was tied to the back. The father went to Nagaiya in search of his son but did not let him go. Then the mother came and made a noise. The mother was brutally beaten and then the son was released. The boy was rushed to a nearby government hospital but was later shifted to a private hospital.

Police were also charged in the incident. The boy’s father had lodged a complaint the day after the incident but the case was registered after the boy’s death. A special team was appointed to investigate the case. Police said Shivarudrapaya and his family were absconding and would be arrested soon.

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Last Updated Mar 25, 2021, 10:23 AM IST