52.4% of users in India stream audio content daily: survey

Audio streaming is gaining more and more popularity among users, according to a survey by the social streaming network platform Flyx.

Flyx conducted a survey to assess user audio streaming behavior with over 550 respondents in India.

According to the report titled “Are You Listening?” Audio streaming is gaining popularity among users.

According to the survey, while 75.9% of respondents broadcast audio and video content, 52.4% of users broadcast audio content daily. In addition, 66.2% of respondents said they prefer audio content for its ease of access.

When it comes to the preferred platforms, YouTube became the most favored platform with 82% of the votes, music became the frequently played audio content.

While Spotify came in second with 48% and Gaana took third place with 38%. He was followed by Jio Saavn with 25% of the vote.

Shashank Singh, Co-Founder and CEO of FLYX, said, “I firmly believe that this new form of audio consumption and interaction will transform the experience of consuming content and the way people interact with each other. by empowering content creators. ”

In terms of content, podcasts are one of the most preferred forms of content among users with 35.7% of votes. However, users also said they found audio rooms to be more personal and interactive than podcasts. Still an emerging phenomenon, audio rooms have captured the attention of nearly 12% of users, according to the report.

“Audio rooms in particular will prove to be a great storytelling platform for business owners to share expertise, become more influential, help build communities, serve as a creative tool. company and meet potential investors and partners, ”Singh said.

When it comes to paying for streaming audio, 45.5% of users said they were not ready to pay. In which 64.5 percent of people felt their payment would be based on need. While 46.7% of people were willing to pay a content creator if they found the content interesting.