4 crore in 4 days! Pinarayi police crack down on civilians; Fine State! – Jaihind TV

Thiruvananthapuram: The police have once again crushed the people who are suffering due to the financial liability of Kovid. Despite the relaxation of restrictions, police seizures and atrocities in the name of fines continue. In the last four days alone, around Rs 40 million in fines have been confiscated from half – starved people. The fact that each police station has set a quota for levying fines is a source of distress to the common man.

At the same time, experts point out that the failure of the government system shows that Kerala has the highest daily Kovid figures in the country, despite the ongoing looting in the name of Kovid controls. More than 70,000 people have been affected in the past three days. The reason for the widespread action against the common man is that each station is given a quota. Top officials have suggested that at least 30 cases be registered in each station every day. In the last three days, 20,709 people have been charged with violating the Kovid protocol and 45,279 have been fined for not wearing masks. 3,951 people were arrested for violations. A fine of Rs 40 million was levied on them in four days.

Most of the police atrocities are against ordinary people. Those who have to go out to find the cost of daily living are caught up in the police action. Incidents including the fisherwoman throwing fish away by a woman have sparked huge protests against the police. Police have fined a Dalit family Rs 17,500 for visiting a temple. A Palakkad trader was fined Rs 2,000 for coming in front of a shop to buy essentials. Many such misfortunes befall the common man every day during the Kovid period of crisis from the police. It has been alleged that the government is only focusing on filling the coffers with the help of the police during the crisis to bring the people together.

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