2-DG, the miracle drug that kills corona | 2-DG From DRDO Against Covid19

Chennai വാദ Experiences have argued that 2 dioxin D glucose (2 – DG) can work wonders in Kovid patients and is ready to be established with evidence. It is alleged that the woman, who was presumed to have died of Kovid and related diseases, returned to life after consuming 30 packets of the drug, including the doctor who treated her. Justices N Kripakaran and TV Tamilselvi are ready to hear the details of the incident after approaching the Madras High Court with similar arguments.

What is 2-DG?

Developed by the Institute of Nuclear Medicine and Allied Sciences, a subsidiary of the Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO), it is a water-soluble powder in the form of an ORS solution. The main advantage is that the recovery from the usual Kovid treatment is up to two and a half days earlier. It can also reduce the amount of oxygen needed artificially in severe covia patients by up to 40%. The Drug Controller General of India has directed that immediate permission be granted to accompany the existing treatment.


Who gets the medicine?

The drug is used to treat people with severe and moderate viral infections. The special feature is that the virus is absorbed only by the infected cells. Upon receiving this, the energy production required for the cells to function stops. With this, the infected cells will be destroyed and the infection will be avoided. 2 Dioxide D glucose is produced by structural changes in glucose molecules. The approval was given by the Drug Controller General of India on the basis of clinical trials conducted on Kovid patients in 30 hospitals.

Effective for adults as well

It has been found that its use can speed up the healing process and reduce the need for oxygen supplements. The trial found that 42% of Kovid patients lost the need for an oxygen assistant on the third day by giving 2 packets daily. Only 30% of people with normal Kovid treatment experience this change on the third day. It is hoped that this will work in patients with moderate to severe coccidiosis. It is also effective for people over 65 years of age.

Covid Delhi

And more

A section of health workers had come out against the government’s decision to provide 2-DG Covid patients. The warning is that the drug, which is not approved by the World Health Organization, should not be tested on patients. The protest came after the Chief Minister informed about the decision to buy the new Kovid drug. Health experts point out that the drug has not been approved by expert agencies and the test results have not been published in any recognized journal. But the DRDO says the new drug will reduce the severity of the disease.

Doubt of the court

The Madras High Court has asked the Center to explain why the DRDO has decided to collaborate with Dr Reddy’s Lab, despite having several of the best pharmaceutical companies in the country. It is the responsibility of the government to increase the production of the drug as the third wave approaches. The Ministry of Defense, the DRDO and the Ministry of Health were also asked to respond. The action was taken on a public interest petition filed by D Saravanan, an employee of a private company.

The petitioner contended that granting permission to only one company would lead to inflation. The plaintiff pointed out that the powder powder, which weighs just 2.34 grams, costs Rs 990 and the lives of lakhs of patients are in danger as Dr. Reddy’s Lab alone is allowed to manufacture the drug. The plaintiff also sought permission from other labs to manufacture the drug and to ensure that it was sold at a lower price.

Reply to court

The DRDO replied that 40 companies had come forward expressing interest in the drug production. Additional Solicitor General R Sankaranarayanan told the Madras High Court that the DRDO was keen to produce the maximum amount of the drug in the shortest possible time.

The DRDO is working to make the drug, manufactured by the Institute of Nuclear Medicine and Allied Sciences, available everywhere as soon as possible. The deadline for submitting the letter of interest was 17th of this month. The court was told that 40 companies had come forward within the stipulated time. This paved the way for the availability of medicines at much lower prices than at present.

English Summary: Is 2-DG, India’s New Anti-Covid Drug a Miracle Medicine from DRDO?