196 crore compensation to Floyd’s family

The Minneapolis City Council on Friday decided to pay $ 27 million (approximately $ 196 million) in damages to the family of George Floyd, who was stabbed in the neck by a white police officer. The decision was unanimous.

Philonius Floyd, Floyd’s brother, responded that if he had been able to see his brother again, he would have returned the settlement number. He thanked the state of Minnesota and said that my brother still lives in my heart. He said it was also an opportunity for low-income people in the African American community to use the money. Minneapolis City Mayor Jacob Free especially thanked those who advocated for Floyd and his family. “I am just happy that those who protested during the Kovid epidemic accepted my request to exercise restraint,” he said.

Sister Bridget said she would start a foundation named after George Floyd.
Following the death of George Floyd, Black Lewis Matter protests erupted across the United States.
The family filed a lawsuit against the city government and four police officers last July. This is the decision of the local government regarding compensation.

The trial is continuing in the criminal case against the police officers responsible for the death. Floyd was brutally murdered by a white policeman named Derek Chowin, who was lying on the road with his hands in his pocket after allegedly using $ 20 in counterfeit currency to buy cigarettes. Floyd repeated several times that he was suffocating as the same cruelty continued for nine minutes.
english summary; 196 crore compensation to Floyd’s family
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