18 weeks pregnant; Heptathlete participates in Olympic trials

‘Third Olympic Trials. This time the trials are a little different. Every story has an end, but every end in life is a new beginning. Secret, no longer a secret ‘

Just hours before this year’s US Olympic team trials, hepatologist Lindsay Flanche announced that she was eighteen weeks pregnant. She also shared a picture of herself pregnant with the post.

Heptathlon is a little more difficult. It is a seven-step sport that includes 100m hurdles, high jump, shot put, 200m sprint, long jump, javelin throw and 800m.

But Lindsay has openly admitted that she does not think she will qualify for the Olympics. ‘I wanted babies so I was very happy to hear the news that I was pregnant. But at the same time I was worried that my track career was coming to an end. I know I can no longer compete in the same way I did 18 weeks ago. It also bothers me a lot mentally. But I want to prove how capable women are. It was amazing to end one chapter and start the next in my own way. ‘ Lindsay told Yahoo News.

There has been mixed reaction on social media about Lindsay’s decision to attend the trials. While some applauded and encouraged the decision, others shared concerns about safety.

‘The first thing I got when I shared the news was some negative reactions. Many people are advised not to do this while pregnant and to take care of the safety of the baby. Some even accused me of being selfish and wasting someone else’s opportunity. Says Lindsay. She said she prepared for the trials following the doctor’s strict monitoring and instructions. Lindsay’s training for trials was in the midst of nausea and fatigue following her pregnancy.

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