’18 weeks pregnant ‘; American athlete participates in Olympic trials with a full stomach

NRI DESK: US athlete Lindsay Flatch competes in the Olympics with a full stomach. Just hours before this year’s US Olympic team trials, hepatologist Lindsay Flanche announced that she was eighteen weeks pregnant. She also shared a picture of herself pregnant with the post.

She has been receiving criticism and praise at the same time for sharing with fans that she is pregnant. Flatch said after the race that she had been working for the Olympic trials for years and that not being on the field because she was pregnant would be an insult to her work. “I wanted babies so I was very happy to hear that she was pregnant. At the same time, I was worried that my track career was coming to an end. I know I can no longer compete in the same way I did 18 weeks ago. It also bothers me a lot mentally. But I want to prove how capable women are. It was amazing to end one chapter and start the next in my own way. ” They said.

At the same time, critics allege that Flatch’s action robbed him of another opportunity. Flatch and his baby have been criticized for taking part in competitions at this time, but Flatch said he had expected such criticism before the match and did not care.