12 points for each test; Changes in the second coming of the World Test Championship


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LowChanges in the points system as we enter the Test Championship 2. The team that wins a Test gets 12 points. The number of tests in the series will not be considered here.

Earlier, 120 points were given for a Test series. There were 60 points for 2 Tests, 40 points for a series of three Tests, 30 points for a series of four Tests and 24 points for a series of 5 Tests.

But if the team wins a Test in World Test Championship 2, they will get 12 points. Both teams get four points in a tie and six points in a tie. The position in the points table is determined by the percentage of points in the system.

The ICC introduced the Percentage of Points System after Kovid had to suspend matches. England now play 21 Tests in the World Test Championship. If England wins all the Tests here, they will get 252 points according to the percentage of points system. Otherwise the percentage of points will be calculated by averaging 252.

India will play 19 Tests in the World Test Championship. Australia will play 18 Tests and South Africa 15 Tests. Australia will play four Tests in India in 2022. It is the only four-Test series in the World Test Championship.